Andrew's Workshop


Pole Lathe Build - Part 1

07 Sep 2014

Today, I started working out a design for a pole lathe. I wanted to make this entirely out of stuff I had on hand, so that means old 2x4 lumber and some scrap steel for the pikes.

Pole Lathe

This lathe is about 5 feet long, so should have plenty of length for most any job I would need to do. A little extra bracing on the legs would be good to have.

Pole Lathe

The poppets are held in place with wedges.

Pole Lathe

The left-most poppet is taller than the other, because I plan on using this lathe mostly for bowl turning.

Pole Lathe

Up next: set the pikes into the poppets, add a tool rest and set up a spring pole mechanism.

Part 2